November 02, 2012


The first recipient of the Ma­harlika Award for this category is an excellent professional in the art of Dance. Born and raised in Negros Occidental
(South­ern Philippines), she started her dancing career with the Bayani­han Philippine Dance Company, the national dance company of the Philippines. She traveled with the group nationally (participating in outreach programs for the vari­ous provinces of the Philippines). She was also an ambassador of goodwill, joined International trips with the Bayanihan (during its 8 month World Tour 1983-1984) and its short tours around Asia, Canada and the US.

Here in Canada, Tonette together with her husband Nes (who himself was also a former Bayanihan performer) formed PhilCAS of BC - Philip­pine Cultural Arts Society of Brit­ish Columbia. The society will be celebrating its 12th anniversary this year. Since the society’s in­ception, our awardee has been its Executive Director and is also acting as the society’s Performing Art’s Group’ Artistic and Dance Director.
Tonette with the Rosario Strings Ensemble (a co-awardee) together with Rey Fortaleza, ConGen Ampeso, Senator Enverga, Tom Avendano, and Elena Agala.